Launching a startup is like starting a romantic relationship

Love makes us blind. When you’re in a romantic relationship and when you fall in love, everything your love does and says is interesting. There is no fault, and every word came out from his or her mouth, and every move he or she makes, is magical. Startup love, is also true for startup founders. They believe in their idea and imaginations so much that they begin to feel like the successful future already happening. Therefore many first-time entrepreneurs do not adequately analyze their idea with objective and concrete evidence at the beginning. And this is dangerous.

A startup founder to be able to reduce the risk of failure needs to ask an important questions: “Can I kill my startup?!”

You are the most serious competitor to your startup. If your startup is going to end up like 90% of the other ones, and fail, let it happen sooner. therefore you need to try to kill it before it dies.

It is obvious that upon entering the market, your competitors will try their best to crush you. If you could find solutions to the things that would kill your startup before entering the market, you can be more sure about your survival in the real market.


Founder of, Co-founder of TAC Startup Accelerator, Software Engineer, JTBD & Lean Startup evangelist from Iran

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