Not The Big Deal of Big Data for Startups

Some startup founders, at the early months of early excitements, say that we are looking for user data, and our innovation is starting there, and if I get a proper funding for few years to collect a big enough data or big data, then I can do magic with it.

But these founders usually do not have an idea of how hard it is to collect data and not a plan to do what with it next. What is in their is more of a dream. For instance, If you ask most of them, what do you want to do if you will be provided with the customer data of a big company, they would ultimately suggest some ideas around massive advertisement.

Obviously those very businesses can do such things and there are many tools and solutions for that.

In Iran, recently, startups and SMEs are looking more into Big Data and Machine Learning, but their concepts and titles have become much more important than what can be done with them in order to find innovative and cost-effective solution.

There are many good ideas around Big data, but the implementation of many of those ideas is not technically and financially feasible.

From a business perspective, businesses or organizations that have big data are generally reluctant to provide data to third parties, and are more likely to seek tools that can provide new and useful insight into the data.

Perhaps more than data itself, there is a better chance of commercialization of such tools, and faster routs to making money for startups.

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